Born in Germany, I grew up most of my teenage days in England at an international boarding school.

HI, i'm Vicky.

Besides playing pranks and watching tons of tv, I learned acting, photography, ceramics, and, most importantly, how brits truly live. You can see my inner brit in my 'banter' humor and love for a proper English breakfast, but I do prefer the German sausages over any Wurst. 


After living and studying Brighton and London, the city of technology and innovation struck my curiosity. In San Francisco, I adapted the love for denim, and tried out several local fast food hot spots, watched a lot of American TV and in between: 

I got my master's in advertising and worked at agencies like Eleven Inc and OutCast

I am proud to be who I am now: a world culture junkie and brand cheerleader that loves to tell digital stories through data. 

Notion | Asana | MRI | Minter | NetBase | Buzzsumo | MuckRack | Google Analytics | Twitter Analytics | Instagram Analytics | Facebook Business Manager | Microsoft Suite  | Adobe Creative Suite

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