Born in Germany, I spent most of my teenage days in England at an international boarding school and now like to beach bum it in Cali.

HI, i'm Vicky.

Besides playing pranks and watching tons of TV, I learned acting, photography, ceramics, and, most importantly, how Brits truly live. You can see my inner Brit in my love for ‘banter’ and my love for a proper English breakfast. Though I do prefer the German sausages over any Wurst. 

After living and studying in Brighton and London, the mecca of innovation struck my curiosity. In San Francisco, I adopted the love for denim, tried out several local fast food hot spots, and watched a lot of American TV.


And in between,

I got my master's in advertising and worked at agencies like Eleven Inc and OutCast

This all got me to who I am now: a world culture junkie and brand cheerleader that loves to tell digital stories through data. 


Since I'm 16, no English speaking person can pronounce my last name.

Apparently. But go ahead, try it.


To make the pronunciation barrier easier, I got creative. 

Back in London, my professor couldn't pronounce my last name either. And my nickname ‘the german' was born - since I was also the only German girl at school. However, many Germans in Germany cannot pronounce 'the' and instead pronounce it as 'ze.'

For pronunciation fairness, 'ze German' was born.

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